Output: No. 412, Issue II, August 2017/August/2017
Title of article: 13. Innovating discussion methods in learning political theory subjects at College of Economics and Business Administration - Thai Nguyen University
Summary: Abstract: Political theory education plays a key role in preserving, building and cultivating the spiritual foundation of the society. The transition from academic learning to university credit system has paved the way for improvement of quality of training, but has also remained shortcomings in innovation of teaching method. For political theory subjects, innovation of teaching method towards learner-centered approach is required in current period with aim to promote the positive, creativeness and initiative of students in learning, translating theory into reality.
Keywords: Political theory education, teaching, student, discuss, teaching methods.
Author: Tạ Bích Huệ - Đàm Thị Hạnh
Key: student, teaching, teaching methods, Political theory education, discuss
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