Output: No. 412, Issue II, August 2017/August/2017
Title of article: 16. Implementing incentive policies for war invalids, families of martyrs, revolutionary heroes in current period
Summary: Abstract: Every year, July 27th is Remembrance Day in Vietnam, also know as Day for Martyrs and Wounded Soldiers (or Vietnamese War Invalids and Martyrs’ Day). This memorial day honors those who died in service or were injured during the Vietnam War and other military engagements within Vietnam and abroad). In this article, author mentions history of the Remembrance Day and achievements of implementation of incentive policies for for war invalids, families of dead soldiers, revolutionary heroes. Also, the article proposes solutions to strengthen the implementation of these policies in current period.
Keywords: Day for War Invalids and Martyrs, revolutionary heroes.
Author: Phạm Văn Thanh
Key: Day for War Invalids and Martyrs, revolutionary heroes
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