Output: No. 414, Issue II, September 2017/September/2017
Title of article: 14. Electronic books and development of electronic textbooks at high school
Summary: Abstract: Electronic book (E-book) is the symbol of the development of science, technology and reading culture in modern time. E-books have been developed strongly in many countries in the world. Even, some countries have already implemented e-book projects in schools with aim to provide students, teachers with a complementary environment or instructional tools that can improve the quality of teaching. In Vietnam, e-textbooks have not been interested. In this article, author mentions opportunities and challenges for Vietnam in developing e-textbooks at high school to modernize the education.
Keywords: E-books, technology, education, high school.
Author: Nguyễn Hữu Lễ
Key: education, high school, E-books, technology
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