10. Education of awareness of nature protection in some worship rituals of the Ede people in Buon Ma Thuot city

Abstract: The worship ritual of the Ede people from ancient times embedded many significant educational meanings, education of awareness of nature protection is a typical example and its topicality has still remained unchanged. Through the practice of worship rituals, the Ede people educate their children to be aware of protecting forests in particular and natural resources in general: Nature is an invaluable asset; Nature is governed by spirits; It’s important to respect plants in nature; Praying for favourable weather conditions and plants’ growing well; It's required to protect nature for ourselves and for future generations; It’s absolutely important to protect the land. These research results contribute more scientific materials to the study of Ede ethnic group's culture, education of awareness of nature protection.
Keywords: nature, worship rituals, Ede people, education, awareness.
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