03. Designing integrated teaching project for argumentative texts in 11th grade philology curriculum

Abstract: In the 2018 high school education program, integrated teaching is defined as an approach of developing curriculum, contents and teaching methods. The construction of integrated teaching themes in the Philology curriculum at high schools needs to fulfill the requirements to organize, connect the learning contents towards reality, creating opportunities for students to conduct practical studies, experience and navigate their future careers as well as to improve their overall capacities. This article illustrates ideas and results for designing integrated teaching themes for augmentative texts in the 11th grade Philology curriculum and the tentative plan for implementation of these themes with project-based learning method and portfolio assessment. This paper, meanwhile, handles multiple educational contents in the current 11th Grade Philology textbook and aims to a new lesson plan design in accordance with the 2018 Philology curriculum.
Keywords: integrated teaching, literature and linguistics curriculum, integrated theme, argumentative texts.
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