04. Teachers’ participation in curriculum development: A case study from an English preparatory program at a tertiary institution

Abstract: The higher requirement of English competency among learners at the tertiary level has called for constant curriculum development in English training programs, especially in English instructed undergraduate programs. With the purpose to explore the phenomenon of teachers’ participation in the curriculum development process, this study employed a qualitative instrumental case study of an English preparatory program. The participants of the study were 8 English instructors in the English Preparatory Program at International School, Vietnam National University, Hanoi. The data of the research were collected by using a semi-structured interview and then thematically coded. The results from the interview show a high level of teacher’s willingness to be involved in most staged of the curriculum development process. The main activities they actually participated in the examined project were selecting content, sequencing content, and organizing learning experience. Feasible suggestions to increase teachers’ voices in the decision-making process were also recorded.
Keywords: curriculum development, teachers’ participation, English preparatory program.
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