07. A study on attitudes towards English language learning among non-English majored students at Tra Vinh University

Abstract: Achievement in language learning usually depends on both learners’ ability and attitude. If learners have negative attitude towards language learning, it can lead to some detrimental effects. The objectives of the study are to identify students’ attitude to English language learning, to find out the differences of English attitude by gender and by three specializations, and finally to draw some teaching implications at Tra Vinh university. The participants are 89 respondents from 3 main specializations: Office Administration, Tourism and Medical Physician. The questionnaire has 34 items concerning language attitudes in terms of behavioral, cognitive and emotional aspect of attitude. The results show that the students have average positive attitude towards English and interestingly there are no attitudinal differences by gender. However, the attitudes towards English of the three majors are not similar. Tourism students’ attitude is slightly lower than that of the other two specializations.
Keywords: attitude, cognitive aspect, behavioral aspect, emotional aspect, English language learning.
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