08. Students’ attitudes towards doing while-reading comprehension exercises using Microsoft Forms

Abstract: Reading comprehension is one of the critical skills of language learning in general and English language learning in particular. The purpose of this article is two-fold: giving examples of some while-reading activities using Microsoft Forms and presenting students’ attitudes towards doing such while-reading comprehension exercises using Microsoft Forms. The results, obtained from three research instruments, namely questionnaire, in-depth interview and observation, show that students generally expressed positive attitudes towards this way of doing while-reading exercises thanks to (1) the brand-new experience it offers, (2) the colorful and vivid images on the device, (3) the motivation to read and unveil the answers to the reading questions under time pressure and competitiveness with peers as well as (4) a sense of accomplishment completing assignments before or on time.
Keywords: reading comprehension skill, while-reading activities, Microsoft Forms, students’ attitude.
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