09. The interest in learning Marxist - Leninist Philosophy of Hanoi University of Science and Technology non-politics majored students: Situation and solutions

Abstrac: The course of Marxist-Leninist Philosophy, compulsory to all Vietnamese students, not only equips students with scientific knowledge but also a world view, humanity and thinking methodology. However, there is an considerable lack of interest in this subject among HUST students. Many students do not focus on lectures in class, nor do they read the course materials beforehand. Some of them even use the class meetings for other purposes. In this study, on the basis of studying the theory of factors affecting students’ learning motivation, the author conducts a survey to assess the current level of interest in learning Marxist-Leninist philosophy of HUST students, analyzes causes, thereby proposes some solutions to develop the learning interest in this subject to achieve the goal of the course in a sustainable way.
Keywords: interest, interest in learning, Marxist Leninist philosophy, non-politics majored students, Hanoi University of Science and Technology.
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