12. International experience in organization of teaching practice in teacher training and some recommendations

Abstract: Given the strict guideline and significant innovation from the Laos Government, there are certain limitations in teacher training in Laos. This paper focuses on selected internationally published works on training teaching skills for prospective teachers (pre-service teachers) with document analysis method on articles and books of authors outside Laos. Subsequently, some recommendations to help innovate the pre-service teacher training process in Laos would be proposed in order to contribute to the development of teachers’ pedagogical competencies. It is suggested that the time allowance for pedagogical practice in high schools with the guidance of expert teachers, possibly through lesson planning and micro-teaching be increased. It is also necessary to pay more attention to equip teacher trainees with skills in using information technology and software in teaching (in particular pre-service mathematics teachers).
Keywords: pre-service teacher, mathematics teacher, teacher training.
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