Output: Volume 1 (November 2017)/November/2017
Title of article: 01. Learners’ quality and competence-based reform of general education program
Summary: Abstract: In response to urgent needs of current situation, Vietnam is undertaking radical and comprehensive reform of education and training, including the renovation of the general education programs in the direction of developing learners’ qualities and competences. Quality is understood as virtue and competence means stalence. These two aspects build up students’ personality. The new school curriculum identifies the new pupil’s identity with five qualities and ten competencies. Students develop these qualities when acquiring knowledge in all the educational activities. In order to develop learners’ competences, the new general education curriculum involves differentiated and integrated teaching, active learning and educational evaluation reformation.
Keywords: new general education curriculum, qualities, competences, education evaluation reform.
Author: Nguyen Minh Thuyet
Key: qualities, new general education curriculum, competences, education evaluation reform
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