04. Using materials by module in teaching maths-teaching methodology module for maths students at Lao teacher training colleges

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Author: Tran Trung - Done Sophida

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Abstract: Among popular teaching approaches, teaching by module is attracting educationers. In education, the module approach is linked to the teaching technology ideology, which is a modern way of structuring or organizing the compilation of teaching content so that the training program becomes more flexible and adapted to the diverse learning organization. On the basis of research on the training program for Maths students at Lao teacher training colleges and theoretical research on modules; teaching modules; teaching materials by modules, from the materials; subject entitled Maths Teaching Methodology is designed. The article mentions the use of this material in teaching Maths Teaching Methodology module for Maths students at Lao teacher training colleges.
Keywords: Materials by module, maths teaching methodology, teacher training college.
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