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Author: Dmitry K. Demskoy - Kerrie Cullis - Katherine Herbert

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Abstract: Formative assessment is an effective assessment type which benefits both students and teaching academics. In particular, formative assessment in mathematics subjects allows both student and teaching academic to assess individual performance and understanding through students’ responses. Over the last decade, educational technologies and Learning Management Systems (LMS) have been used to support formative assessment design. In mathematics, this is problematic because of the inflexibility of LMS and educational technology tools. Automating formative assessment generation and marking to support mathematics learning is made possible by utilising specific software and technologies in new ways. This paper proposes a new method of creating mathematics formative assessments using LaTeX and PDF forms in conjunction with a computer algebra system (e.g. Maple). The method can be independent of an LMS. This method is implemented in undergraduate mathematics subjects servicing non-mathematics focused higher education courses. The method which requires some programming by the teaching academic, generates individualised assessments that can also be automatically marked. Results show that the method provides the teaching academic with a more efficient way of designing formative mathematics assessments without compromising the effectiveness of the assessment task. The potential for implementing this method further in mathematics subjects is also explored and discussed.
Keywords: Formative assessment, individualised assessment, computer algebra.
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