5. Level of awareness of outcome-based education of English syllabus designers at Thai Nguyen University

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Author: Nguyen Thi Que - Pham Phuong Hoa

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Abstract: The launch of the ASEAN Community with its politician and security, socio-cultural, and economic pillars requires all country members to integrate in a common community in all fields; and education is not an exception. Of all prominent trends in education, Outcome-Based Education (OBE) is one of the most cutting-edge and revolutionary approaches that can be promoted as the panacea for educational woes in any ASEAN countries. Determining the educators’ level of awareness on OBE approach is essential for the success of any curriculum transformation. This study employs descriptive research design to investigate the level of awareness on OBE of twelve Vietnamese educators responsible for devising General English syllabi at five different higher education institutions of Thai Nguyen University, a key regional educational center of Vietnam. The results from the study would be used to develop relevant and appropriate training programs to enhance the implementation of OBE in the region as well as all over the country.
Keywords: Outcome-Based Education, Level of Awareness, English Syllabus Designers, Thai Nguyen University.
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