02. Nâng cao năng lực “dùng người” của cán bộ quản lí giáo dục trong đổi mới giáo dục hiện nay

Abstract: The basic and comprehensive innovation process in education only get its success when education management officer has his ability in use of human resource. This is the most basic thing to express management ability of management career. Especially, morality, awareness, thoughts and skills in using personnel are the vital elements building use of human resource and these elements will spend through an assessment to identify quality and effectiveness in human resource management. To get above achievements, education management officer needs to assess the real situation correctly and exactly; thoroughly awaressness of Marxism, Leninist and Hochiminh attitude, the Communist Partys direction and the State policies and laws. Simultenously, education management officer frequently needs to enhance his morality, awareness, thoughts and skills in using personnel; concentrate on building a scheme for human resource use in personnel promotion and nomination for intensifying state management in using human resource.
Keywords: Education management staff, ability to hire, educational innovation.
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