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Abstract: Mathematical intuition can help learners more active and creative in various activities to predict, discover and achieve meaningfully mathematical knowledge by themselves in
unfamiliar situations. This paper focuses on developing students’ mathematical intuitive competence based on learning useful knowledge in mathematics education through the approach
of learning by intuiting at high school level. This paper also suggests some intuitive learning activities for student to understand or grasp the origin and nature of knowledge as the scaffold
upon which students can obtain mathematical competence for problem solving in unfamiliar situations through predicting and proposing compatible decisions. This effective approach is
described through an illustrated example at the final section of the paper. With the benefits of the meaningful learning, it is recommended that teachers create delicate situations which on deep understanding so that students attain significant knowledge to solve not only mathematical problems but also unforeseen issues outside school.
Keywords: Competence, mathematical intuitive, meaningful knowledge, learning by intuiting, mathematics education.
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